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Locker Room Gangbang is here!

Posted in Adult Content on November 21, 2011 by madametriplex

This book is not for the faint of heart. In fact I can’t post an excerpt because of the wording. But trust, this little short will burn the sheets. It’s dripping with hot sex!

I can post a blurb however to give you some idea of the story

Mike and Ginger have a very open relationship. Well, open on Ginger’s end. Mike loves to see her get screwed by other men. Ginger has a preference of the type of men she likes too and Mike has no problem providing them.

 Mike has a fetish too. He likes to watch and this interview with the local bodybuilding team is no exception. Ginger just hopes she can walk afterwards.

When Ginger is surrounded in the locker room by dozens of horny bodybuilders, she knows she going to get the fucking of her life. But where is Mike? Right now, she can’t even think about that. The men are looking at her hungrily and parts of her body are ready for whatever they bring her.




Intro to Madame TripleX’s World

Posted in Adult Content on November 20, 2011 by madametriplex

Hello there. I’m Madame TripleX. I am a writer of raunchy, yet titillating and stimulating sex stories. Porn? Maybe. Some can be erotic. But most are to be read to get you as hot as possible.

I’’m a different kind of sex writer. I write to put a picture in your mind, not just words in your head. I want you to not only read the words, but also be the character, be in the moment. When you read that a woman is cumming for the sixth time and screaming at the top of her lungs, I want you, the reader to feel it, see it and experience it.

I have a series of stories that I will be posting up. I have the Quickie Series. These are books that are 5000 words or less and vary in themes. They are hot, raunchy and they get to the sex right away. There might be foreplay, there might even be conversation, but not much. These stories are for the reader that wants to get off quick.

Yeah, you read right. I want you to read my stories and get turned on, either by yourself or with a partner. I want my stories to be so hot that you’ll go back to them over and over, knowing that you’ll get turned on. I want my stories to be tools in the bedroom. Read them out loud to your partner, or read them alone with your favorite automatic toy. *WINK*

There are the Role Play Series. These stories feature stories that could be considered taboo. Although some of these stories could be found in my Quickie Series, these stories are longer. Usually 10,000 – 20,000 words. The subject matter range from forced orgasm, kidnapping, gangbang, threesomes or moresomes, BDSM, non-consensual sex (in the role playing role).

And there are my Alien Abduction Series. Remember those programs you watch on television about people experiencing alien close encounters? My encounters are real close. Read about women being kidnapped by alien beings and fucked into dozens of orgasms. Read creatures looking for women to breed with and taking them to their planet filling them with their alien cum.

All my stories are Interracial. They are Black Woman/White Man OR White Men. LOL!

These are the stories I am comfortable with writing and I find a huge audience for them. HOWEVER, if you would like to see another combination, Black female/Asian male, Black female/Hispanic male. Please email me; I’ll be glad to oblige you.

So now sit back relax and prepare to get horny!